Pratt & Moody, Cold Diamond & Mink – Creeping Around

Enter the captivating realm of Pratt & Moody as they unveil their new deep-as-the-oceans single, ‘Creeping Around’. This dynamic duo – consisting of Pratt and Moody – have honed their craft channeling their collective prowess into a singular fusion of dark soul and haunting melodies. Their previous sleeper hits “Lost Lost Lost” and “Wheels Turning” still resonate in spaces where contemporary soul ballads are treated as a valuable commodity.

With ‘Creeping Around’, Pratt & Moody dive deep into the shadows, crafting a sonic narrative about infidelity that transcends boundaries. The velvety vocals of Pratt wrap themselves around Moody’s evocative guitar, creating a timeless soundscape that resonates with raw emotion. As the instrumental version gracefully embraces the absence of words, the music is left to speak volumes.

Accompanied by the rock-solid artistry of Cold Diamond & Mink, ‘Creeping Around’ transports you to the hazy realm of late-night introspection, where each note carries the weight of longing and desire. The track immerses you in a David Lynch like world where melancholy, darkness and passion coexist.