Thee Baby Cuffs w/ The M-Tet “Where Did Our Pride Go

Wow! Sweet soul goodness from Chicano soul harmony group Thee Baby Cuffs and a sound that we haven’t heard in quite some time on a new release and backed by one of my favorite bands, The M-Tet.

“Thee Baby Cuffs cut a killer rendition of Larry Sanders’, “Where Did Peace Go”, a rola that has stood the test of time with re-worked lyrics that translate into the conditions Raza are faced with today.¬†Dope infested streets, prison life and the burden of feeling like foreigners in our own land. Wronged by the voting system, neutralized by the FBI, doped up by the CIA, and a pride lost by our current generation. A cold stare in the mirror.

Killer bass line, hammond organ that’ll take you to church, piercing drums, wicked guitar, horns that’ll call your name, sweet soul vocals and all the oohs and aahs that come with it! Recorded analog, and brewed to harmonic perfection.

The 45 made it’s Raza del Soul label debut on Cinco de Mayo, 2017 with a limited pressing of 500 featuring vocal version the A side with instrumental on the flip. Grab a copy via their Bandcamp.