Nathan Womack – Pass But The Dream

As a world traveler, record digger and good music lover, I’m always looking forward to hear what fellow DJ’s and producers are digging up on their adventures and either working into their sets or sampling and flipping into something new. It’s those things that often times give us a wider perspective of what else is out their musically to keep our ears open and often time introduces us to sounds and genres that we never knew existed which is exactly what producer and label found Nathan Womack has done with his upcoming debut 45 dropping in early 2022.

On a travel adventure to both Bangkok, Thailand and Guangzhou, China, Womack dug deep into the crates and returned home with some dusty treats in which he took on the task of sampling, deconstructing and reconstructing into something totally new and different yet keeping the soundscape of where it originally came from intact.

“Past But The Dream” moves with that sidewinding swagger common to Far East Asian groups of the ’60s for whom rock was not second nature—and it comes out sounding fresher for that obstacle. Flip things over to the b-side which features “Nanjing Road” which is smoldering songcraft that goes down like an elixir of baroque prog magic from 1971 Italy yet found centrally located in Guangzhou, China.