DJ Format & Abdominal – We’re Back

Rap music at this point for me is either a hit or miss situation, there is so much out there that doesn’t appeal to my liking, yet so little that does and when something comes across my desk that’s a hit, I’m all for it.  It’s no secret that independent labels are those that carry the torch when music is concerned and Rocafort Records is one of those labels that continues to deliver quality for DJs and music lovers alike.  Their latest release and rap 45 from DJ Format & Abdominal, two names that should be known worldwide is definitely something that’s appealing especially for Hip Hop heads that are in the know. “We’re Back” b/w “Diamond Hammer” is an uptempo double sider reminiscent of the late 80’s but in a 2017 fashion see’s the duo coming correct on the beats and rhymes.  Taken from their new LP “Still Hungry”, these mature B-boys continue to breeze effortlessly through what they do best: bold sharp beats, ingenious instrumentation, a crisp and fresh lyrical styles thats fitting for the aging Bboy and new school generation alike.