Bozack Morris – Karate Practice ft. Daniel Son

It’s a very rare occasion that we review music that doesn’t have a physical release (although one will eventually be hitting the bins) but sometimes there’s something that slides across the desk that needs to be pumped.  Whenever I hear “Bozack Morris on the beat!”, my ears are instantly opened to hear what the Toronto homie and GGBR Records label representer has in store which usually consists of the grimy cinematic production with rugged vocals from one of his featured MC’s.  His latest release “Karate Practice” featuring Daniel Son available digitally from Offical Crate Music is no different, it’s straight heat and you need to get hipped.  It’s become a rarity (more rare than Bozack Morris’ samples) that I’m even checking for Hip Hop these days but it’s occasions like this and a handful of others still very much under the mass radar that keeps my head nodding and speakers thumping.