Tape Tuesday – The Source Hip Hop Heatwave ’92

Since the weatherman is calling for 92 degrees on this Tape Tuesday, we’re taking it back to the Summer of ’92 when The Source magazine was down with the culture and really went the extra mile with building a buzz around artists new releases.  For a few years during the 90s, The Source did their Mobile Van Tour where they would give out promo product including their popular Hip Hop Heatwave cassettes featuring new releases from artists that should be in heavy rotation in Walkman’s while riding the subways or in the tape decks of boomin’ jeeps rolling through the city.

The official 92 Hip Hop Heatwave tape was a scorcher featuring a nice selection of varying artists.

EPMD – Crossover

Red Hot Lover Tone – Sex Is All That

Raheem – Underground Jugglin’

K-Solo – I Can’t Hold It Back

The Brand New Heavies – Heavy Rhyme Experience Theme

Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket – Livin’ In Da Bottle

Since these releases were promo tapes, they are often times difficult to get a hold of and some of the music found were only released as promo 12″ which makes them even more of a gem.