SNKR Feeture – Ari Saal Forman

Being a sneaker lover since… well since the 70s and always knowing and understand what was fresh over whats now hype has always been my way and I’ve never bought into the terms sneaker culture or sneaker head because having fresh kicks was something as normal as having the fresh jeans and sweatshirt to match, nothing more.  It’s a rarity that we post sneaker videos especially in an era when everyone can get everything and 99% of the videos of are athletes, rappers and people with money who can obtain anything without standing in line simply for the hype of it and even without digging for them.  But when we caught wind of the homie Ari who was featured on the latest installment of SNKR Feeture, we knew it was going to be good.

For those not familiar with Ari Saal Forman, he is a true thoroughbred, a person who’s lived through the nostalgia when it was all new and a homie that I would occasionally  hang out with during the early 90’s Hip Hop club scene here in Philly. He’s an artist and designer who has worked with quite a few brands in the industry but he’s probably most known for being the co-founder of the legendary On The Go Magazine which graff heads and hip hop aficionados alike can attest to as being one of the greatest of all time.  In the latest SNRK Feeture, Ari pulls out some gems from his collection and drops some great knowledge on being you when it comes to sneakers and fashion.