Air Max Day 2018

I’ve been a sneaker lover since, well since the late 70’s and it’s always been about fresh kicks to rock, not stock. We didn’t buy pairs to sit on ice for a rainy day but to think about it, there are those pairs that have never been reissued that I wish I would have done just that. But as a person who takes care of things even when taken out of the box and worn a few times I still keep things fresh and rockable for years.  Today the world is celebrating Air Max Day but I’ve never really been a heavy Air Max wearer but have had my fair share over the years probably with my last pair being circa mid-90’s which I still have to this day and only come out like a vintage sports care, on beautiful Summer days with not a splash of rain in sight. I like my sneakers like I like prefer my records, OGs first and foremost and if it’s been reissued more than twice, I’ll pass.

Happy Air Max Day but I’m still waiting on them OG Adidas Concord with the original tongue and cut like its the 80’s all over again.