Star Trek Discovery

I maybe showing my extreme Sci-Fi geekness with this one but that’s what we do here at Nostalgia King, is indulge in those things we love and one thing that I’ve always enjoyed were episodes of Star Trek, beginning with the original series which made it’s debut in 1966. Multiple series and movies throughout the years, ups and downs of either liking or not like each, yet I’m still fan and will most likely continue to be one until the end of the time.  But the new series Star Trek Discovery is something different, it’s special in it’s own way and brings something different to the table which I think was much needed in a series that has always been groundbreaking in racial diversity.

Unlike previous series, Discover features two strong female lead characters in the Captain and first officers positions which is something that has never happened before. One of our favorite actresses, Michelle Yeoh who starred in quite a few Kung Fu dons the captains role in a stern way with Sonequa Martin-Green as first officer. Creator Gene Roddenberry has always had a way of placing characters and the standards continue with both a Malaysian and African American females being the face of the series. The other unique thing about the series is that it finally focuses on one of the greatest enemies of all time, the Klingon! For years I’d hope that a series could be based around the Federation and Klingon Empire and it finally has happened.

Not to get too romantic about the series, check the trailer for yourself and give it a shot if you’re looking for new fall viewings to add to your regular shows that you binge on.