Ikebe Shakedown – The Way Home

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the job of a used car salesman trying to push the latest and greatest product onto the buyer but unlike your local car dealership, I stand by my word on what I co-sign.  In the case of the new Ikebe Shakedown LP “The Way Home”, there’s no need for a test drive around the block and should just be a given the green light to immediately take it home and do 0-60 on the decks.

A proven band that is multiple albums deep plus a handful of 45’s and they just keep getting better and better, what more is there to say about Ikebe Shakedown!? Pulling from a wide range of influences including soul, afro, psych, and jazz, all coming together in a gritty, cinematic explosion, all things that are right up my alley!  We’ve reviewed most of what Ikebe Shakedown has released over the years and this one is no different, an honest and positive co-sign of a killer album that will be a major spin for years down the line (no need for an extended manufacturers warranty).

Available Oct. 20th via https://www.coleminerecords.com