36 Styles – Shaolin Vs. Lama

As artists and creators, we’re always looking to make sure that our products reach the right audience and ultimately land into the hands of people who have inspired your creativity in one way or another. My sponsor and Kung Fu inspired t-shirt brand 36 Styles is always coming up with the great designs to satisfy the Kung Fu film lover in you and it’s quite obvious from the photo attached, that the legendary actor and martial artist Chang Shen from the classic, Shaolin vs. Lama (1983) highly approves.

Chang Shen Shaolin Vs Lama

The shirt features Chang Shen with the infamous quote used as a soundbite in Wu Tang Clan member Raekwon’s “Guillotine (Swordz)” from the Only Built 4 Cuban Links LP “Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin, the special technique of shadow boxing”. If you’re in need of a Kung Fu fix to tighten up your t-shirt game, then head over to 36 Styles http://www.shaolinchamber36.com and choose from an assortment of shirts from your favorite flicks.