31 Days of 2017 Releases Pt. 3 – Honey Sauce Band

Back with day 3 of my 31 days of January list of releases that the you might have missed out on, slept on or need to reevaluate from 2017 and this is one thats always in my crate.  Saucy Lady and the Honey Sauce Band are both names that stayed busy throughout the year weather performing, DJ gigs, creating in the studio or traveling back and forth to Japan on tour.  Last year they released the 12″ single featuring “Boy Toy” b/w “Mirror Life” each with multiple mixes and the E. Live remix of Boy Toy being my usual go to.  Heavy Disco business and one that’s risen in value on the secondary market so do yourself a favor and grab a copy, you’ll definitely be playing it for years to come.