Dogs & Digs (Monty and Dougie)

Let’s be honest, animals just make life so much better and in the case of man’s best friend, they make the ultimate companion to any DJ and record lover.  Our next guests here at Nostalgia King that love to enjoy time in the record room are brothers Monty and Dougie.  Monty is a 4 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound that loves to run full speed out on walks (he seems like he’s part greyhound) and bark at everything moving but he’s actually scared of his own shadow and runs away when anyone gets close except Dougie, he enjoys terrorizing the hell out of him in the house. Dougie is an 8 year old Shih Tzu that loves to cuddle and sunbathe in the window but he can still throw down when Monty annoys him enough.

Dougie never leaves moms side especially when she’s in the kitchen, he’ll make sure that no food goes to waste especially carrots which are his favorites.  Both take after their owners music tastes and are heavy into breaks, funk and soul and can spend hours in the record room with dad napping to the sweets sounds of vinyl being spun. But what really excites them more than digging for records are stuffed things which they are both surgical when it comes to getting new toys and will go straight for the squeaker and rip it out as fast as possible. I think their record is under 30 minutes!