Dogs & Digs – Clyde ‘Thor’ Caldwell

Returning to our regularly schedule featured program of Dogs & Digs where we catch up with some of our favorite pooches (and owners) to find our their daily routines of enjoyment and the music that they listen to when not out chasing cats and terrorizing the mailman while they’re trying to deliver our records that we’ve been waiting on.

This month our special guest all the way from The Bay Area is none other than Clyde ‘Thor’ Caldwell who you really should be following on IG (@clydethepoodle) and is a Apricot Standard Poodle. There’s usually an interesting story behind the naming of mans best friend and this one definitely goes down as one of the greatest. Named after two musical legends Clyde “Funky Drummer” Stubblefield and singer Bobby Caldwell.  “Thor” comes from his Scandinavian lineage and if you’ve seen him in person then you’d know that he definitely fits the the physique. At 7 years old, Clyde has exquisite tastes in fine vinyl Jazz selections but isn’t a snob when it comes stereo or mono pressings.  When not listening to music, Clyde enjoys naps (but who doesn’t!?), leaning, snacking on carrots and strolling along the beach.

It sounds like Clyde is really living the good life but after all, life should be about enjoying the things we love with the people we love.  Be sure give Clyde a holler and follow his father DJ Platurn (@Platurn) on IG or at any of his parties in the area.