31 Days of 2017 Releases Pt. 9 – Jazzsoon

Back like I never left with my 31 days of January with 31 releases from 2017 that you missed out on, slept on or need to reevaluate in your collection.  It’s #TapeTuesday and if you know me then you know I love cassettes and I always love finely curated cassettes with concepts so today adding on to the list is Jazzsoon and his ’84 Doctor K mix.

Jazzsoon once again delivers the fresh goods and this time his production centers around the legendary NY Mets pitcher, Dwight Gooden aka Doctor K.  A cohesive blend of beats with vintage sportscaster soundbites all throughout shows why he was indeed on of the best.  This cassette just feels like New York and Jazzsoon captured it perfectly.  For extra credit, the first 50 copies were shipped with a Dwight Gooden rookie card, all we need now is a stick of gum inside like the old days of buying baseball cards.