The Precisions – My Sense of Direction (Is Blown)

Early bird alert and you can file this one under the “mind f*cking blown” category. Philly has a deep, rich and often times rare musically legacy of labels and artists that have come out over the years to solidify just how great and important soul music is to this city and it’s influence around the world.  There’s always a process of discovery still going on from the vast number of independent local labels with some records that you’ve heard about but have never seen a copy in the flesh but you know you need one for your crate.  Luckily for us music loving record collectors, there are those people out there who understand the value of the music and take the necessary steps to bring these extremely rare (and expensive) pieces to the public which is the case with the upcoming reissue on a tough Philly double sider from the early 1970’s by The Precisions.

Working to preserve the legacy of composer Marty Bryant, Izipho-Soul Records is working with Bryant’s family to bring you one of the most sought after 7’s around and bring it new life on the dance floor. “My Sense of Direction (is blown)” b/w “Take A Good Look” is one part killer dance floor filler, one part slow and low soul gem and 100% dynamite all around.  This is definitely one of those releases that you’ll want to own forever!