Waxwork x Poser – Punk Horror

I don’t think we’ve ever featured a punk record here at Nostalgia King but we have reviewed our fair share of comic related items so this definitely fits in our vein of cool stuff.  Waxwork Records has released their new Punk 7″ with accompanying “punk horror comic” simply titled, Poser which continues in their tradition of combining original music with great storytelling. One could described this double-sider as Black Flag meets John Carpenter on “Poser Theme”, and the climactic Discharge meets Tangerine Dream infused track “The Gig” on the b-side.

Long thought to be an urban legend in the underground music scene of Redondo Beach, POSER is back to carve a gory slash through the heart of Los Angeles in this brand new multi-issue horror-comic book series.  Penned by Matt Miner and illustrated by Clay McCormack, POSER is a brand new punk rock horror-comic series that Steve Niles (30 Days Of Night) calls “relentless and brutal” and Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus, Tokyo Ghost, Hellblazer) raves is a “master class in sequential storytelling”. POSER features colors by Doug Garbark and letters by Taylor Esposito.

Available for order via https://waxworkrecords.com