Mark Drew What Goes On? Exhibit Recap

It’s been a minute since I’ve taken the short Amtrak ride up to New York on a Saturday afternoon just to hang out and take in the sights but yesterday was a much needed visit to the city to catch up with the homie Mark Drew and check out what he had on display at his What Goes On? solo gallery exhibit at Spoke Art. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen Mark which the last time was actually at his Tokyo show this very same time last year so it was great to bring things full circle with his NY who which pays tribute to some of Hip Hop finest blended in with this signature Peanuts works.

Upon entering the gallery, you’ll indeed notice that you are exiting out of Snoopy’s dog house into a world of art and Hip Hop with the beautiful “Life Is Parallel To Hell But I Must Maintain” Nas tribute leading the way.  From The Beatnuts “Roll Up On you Like Sleeves” to Wu Tang “Bangin’ Like A Benzi”, Mark captured his (and many others) nostalgia by connecting the dots between what were once everyday things like Peanuts paperbacks, rap cassette tapes and of course, The Walkman which were all on display from his person collection of things that are near and dear to him.

If you’re an art lover or nostalgic Hip Hop lover, I highly recommend spending an hour of your day checking out the show which runs until May 26th at Spoke Art, 210 Rivington St.