Awesome Foursome EP

Let’s talk about 80’s rap 12″ for a second and how for me, there are only a select crateful that really brings out the nostalgia in me and remembering the exact day and place where I made the purchase.  One of those purchases was the “Soul Makossa” single from the Awesome Foursome which was essentially the Hip Hop version of one of my favorite records of all time of the same title. Released in 1982 and I remember copping this gem for $1.99 at Sound of Market here in Philly with my weekly lunch money. Awesome Foursome had a very short career record wise and for years I’ve wondered if they had any other recorded cuts which thankfully the Roots Forward label has dug a little deeper to press up a new EP featuring 2 previously unreleased gems along with the classic Soul Makossa and Funky Breakdown.  In addition to those cuts, the EP features “Subway” and “Bigturnout” both recorded in 1982 and are first timers on vinyl and ready for the needle to be dropped on.  Kudos to Roots Forward Records for going the extra mile, job well done!

Available now in a limited pressing of 300 copies