Supagenius Cereal Vol. 1 “Stays Crunchy In Milk”

Up and at ’em early on this Saturday morning beat mission with some delectable treats for your ears.  My Nostalgia King lineage in this vintage lifestyle has deep royalty roots beginning with one of Philly’s finest and one of the best to do it, Groove DaMoast. When it comes to knowing all that I know when banging out beats on the Roland 808 or 909, the Oberheim DX or the SP12, my OG dropped the manuals on me and sent me in the right path and hipped me to the industry of the music business way back in the mid 80’s.  Still heavy on the beats, the self proclaimed and highly regarded Supagenius has concocted a little something to go with your favorite bowl and spoon with his Supagenius Cereal Vol. 1 “Stays Crunchy In Milk” beat tape and ready for your tasting and all produced, mixed and engineered by the Soundbite Assassin himself.  11 sugary treats providing all of the necessary nutritional value that you need for a healthy diet.