Madlib – Sound Ancestors

When titles like “great”, “goat” or “legend” are given out these days, they seem to go in any direction without rhyme or reason and most times unjustifiable. But in the case of Madlib, he fits in so many different lanes that I like to simply refer to him as a genius of sorts. His musical tastes and inspirations are as expansive as the worlds of Star Trek while his output spreads like butter and ages like the fine wine that he enjoys quite often.

His latest release which is nothing short of amazing really shows just how he thinks. “Sound Ancestors” is 16 cut, clocking in at just over 40 minutes soundscape and masterpiece of earful joy. Really, there is nothing that I can tell you that you shouldn’t already know especially if you’re a Madlib fan but if you’re just getting into who he is, dive into his discography at any point and hear greatness for yourself.