Black Pumas – Black Moon Rising

Most great labels that are known for a particular genre often times have a subsidiary label that focuses on a different sound which doesn’t pigeon hole them into one demographic and can very well stand on it’s own.  Motown had Rare Earth Records which focused on Rock and the mighty Colemine Records now has Karma Chief Records which has recently debuted it’s first single, a hefty Psychedelic Soul gem from Black Pumas.  Comprised of the Austin, TX duo of seasoned producer Adrian Quesada (Brownout) and new singer/songwriter Eric Burton, they’ve combined talents to bring something fresh to the soul crossover world with a style and sound that is uniquely their own. “Black Moon Rising” b/w “Fire” is the perfect way to set the tone for the debut outing and things can only go up from here for them.

Peep the goods then head over to Colemine Records to scoop the product.