Escapism In Jeonju Korea

Finally back from my most recent tour to Korea and this time I had the opportunity to visit a city which I had never been to on the previous 5 times that I’ve traveled to the country which was Jeonju.  Jeonju is located south of Seoul which takes approximately 3 hours by car but can take a bit longer on the weekends because Jeonju is a city where many people go to visit on the weekends to get away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul. A very beautiful city with old world charm but becoming more modern as the days pass yet it still holds onto it’s historic areas which you can find traditional homes, castles, temples and shops.  One of the things that I love about the traditional area is that you will find many people dressed in traditional Korean clothes walking through the streets to carry on tradition in a very spiritual way.  There are plenty of local shops that serve traditional street foods that are known to come from the area and the only place that you will find out.

Another area that is a must visit is the night market.  During the day it’s an underground shopping area to do your grocery shopping and will find vendors and grocers selling everything from fish to vegetables, small wares and other knick knacks.  At night it transforms into a food lovers paradise with street vendors cooking up traditional and non traditional foods that looks so good that you’ll want to try them all.  Jeonju is a great place to visit and well worth the drive if you’re ever in Seoul and I highly recommend it.