Visiting Forty Five Coffee (Jeonju, Korea)

I’ve always loved friends and people in general who are known for one thing but have interests in another while following through and making a business out of it. Weather it’s being a DJ but also a chef and owning your own restaurant or being a graphic designer by day but loving the nightlife and opening a bar or venue designed with their personal touch. ¬†While in Korea a few months back, I had the pleasure of visiting the city of Jeonju where one of the local and world renown Bboys and good friend, Bboy Thang of Soulhunterz Crew opened up a coffee shop dedicated to great coffee and amazing music.

It’s known as Forty Five Coffee and it’s housed in a beautiful two floor building with the first floor being the storefront where you can order coffee, cakes and other snacks while browsing the record selection Funk, Soul, Jazz and classic breaks on display. Over the loud speakers you’ll hear a great mix of Hip Hop and Jazz while enjoying drink. Step up to the second floor and your transported into a warm living room set up surrounded by plenty of woodgrain, couches and environment perfect to open up your laptop to work for hours uninterrupted. The upstairs area playlist is soothing jazz which really fits the vibe and relaxed atmosphere which makes it hard to leave when you’re done.

Forty Five Coffee isn’t a coffee shop that sells records but it’s a place that celebrates and combines both and the love that the owner has for them and that love really stands out when you walk through the doors and greeted with a smile. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @45coffee_jeonju