Tokyo Kit Kat Cocktail Bar at CITAN

Forever pushing the boundaries unlike anyone else, Japan has always had a way with presenting things in a rather different fashion which is the case with their varieties of Kit Kat.  Stepping things up once more, you can now experience something unique at the new Kit Kat cocktail bar at CITAN which offers pairings of the new alcoholic chocolates. Earlier this year, Nestlé Japan announced they would be releasing another sake-based Kit Kat to their range, , this time featuring the flavour of umeshu, traditional Japanese plum liquer.

CITAN is a cafe-bar-hostel in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi neighborhood and has become a rather special hang-out and the perfect way to enjoy the cocktail experience which is designed to complement the new Kit Kat bars and provide a new way to enjoy the beloved candy.

Source: Soranews24