The Preservation Project 006 – The Teacher Haters

As a collector, I’m constantly asking myself, when does the well run dry on either things that I know about or things that have yet to be discovered and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s an endless stream. Just when you think everything good has already come to light, various labels are digging deeper to unearth gems that are previously shelved or forgotten projects and making them available for the first time. One of those labels doing their diligence to service DJs and collectors is The Preservation Project and their latest release is double sided delight with a cherry on top.

On Side A, smile your way through two songs by The Teacher Haters — in fact, we challenge you to get through these tracks without smiling. Even the name of the band invokes a chuckle as it suggests what these guys are about — and that’s the P-A-R-T-Y. Straight out of the 60s comes a group that could have been played with Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs back in the day. These whimsical works are deceptively deep as they take us to a time when garage punk fused with R&B.

The two bonus tracks on Side B are unreleased monsters. We Got A Thing (sound clip above) by an unknown group is up first — a crossover soul dancer that invites you to sing along with an infectious, call-and-response chorus. It pairs nicely with The Teacher Haters as fun, simple party music from the 60s — though this time from a female perspective.

Things go deeper with Guys Today (sound clip above). As the name suggests, the content is about the enduring tension between the sexes and the heartbreak it can lead to. It’s a deep soul beat ballad in the vein of Betty Wright or Helene Smith. A grand opening is followed by a clear, crisp female vocal that brings the singer’s lament into focus. The band is tight, and it all comes together to portray a woman who has made up her mind and is offering a warning about guys today: I know you love your man, but I know they will hurt you in every way they can.

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