Disco Patrick’s Hot Stuff Magazine #12

As a DJ, music lover and lover of physical product, it’s always pleasure to flex my nerdery write for print media covering topics that are always of my personal interests that I feel will appeal to the readers. The latest issue of Disco Patrick’s Hot Stuff Magazine is upon us and once again, I had the pleasure of writing for and covering on of my favorite record labels of the present, The Preservation Project. The Preservation Project is known for unearthing and pressing previously unreleased and often times by unknown artists and unlabeled master tape recordings. The label digs deep to bring DJs and collectors something different to add to their crates ranging from Funk and soul to psychedelic rock.

The latest issue of this Netherlands based magazine and the 12th to day is packed full of great content as always covering the spectrum of Disco, Jazz-Funk, Hip Hop, graffiti art and record culture and features interviews that you’ll definitely want to read! Issues of Hot Stuff are available on demand direct from Disco_Patrick (on Instagram), Patrick Lejeune (on Facebook) to order a physical copy. For a limited time there is a digital version to read online but I highly recommend you adding this magazine to your collection.