Calibro 35 – Travelers, Explorers b/w Stingray

“the most fascinating, retro-maniac and genuine thing, that happened to Italy in the last years” – Rolling Stones Magazine

Calibro 35 is a band that as soon as you think you know their sound and what they’re about, you realize that they’ve totally switched their pitch on you and head towards an unexpected place which you definitely weren’t expecting. Cinematically they’ve chiseled out a spot on the Mount Rushmore of musicians and composers that have combined sound and film to some of our favorite works and are only just getting started.

“Travelers, Explorers” is a new epic journey into Calibro 35’s world, a sung revisitation of the Morricone-inspired tune “Travelers” that closes Calibro 35’s latest LP “DECADE”. On “Travelers, Explores”, the Italian combo gets lost in deep space with thewhispered voice of Elisa Zoot, who guides the band into this journeymade of strings, brass, synth textures and vibraphone.  On the b-side, “Stingray” features vocals by Serena Altavilla and could pass for a track that was previously featured on films like Where Eagles Dare, A Bridge Too Far or any number of action packed WWII films.