Gloria Ann Taylor & Flying Mojito Bros – Be Worthy

Cult sensation Gloria Ann Taylor, who in the early 1970s laid the groundwork for much of disco, R&B, and modern soul as we know it, sees her posthumous release ‘Be Worthy’ reimagined by renowned producers Flying Mojito Bros into a euphoric, gospel-piano-house-esque West Coast disco cruiser.

“What an honor it is to have been invited to remix the work of such an important and innovative heritage artist” say the duo. “We wish we’d have had the opportunity to chat with and learn from Gloria herself. This remix is our small contribution and dedication to a towering musical legacy of talent, guts and pioneering genre-crossing. Viva Gloria!”

The record looks as good as it sounds too, with Flying Mojito Bros art-directing a colorful and cosmic reimagining of the original cover via illustration wizard Nick Potts, reflecting the bros’ transplantation of Gloria’s soul diva spirit into their own southwestern desertscape dreamworld.