Digging The Dam

Summer just seems to be holding on here in Amsterdam and going into overtime which is perfect for me.  The temperature is a beautiful 70 degrees with the sun shining, people out and about and flowers still in bloom which made for the perfect day to link up with the Detroit Don, Frank Raines of Funk Night Records for a day of digging, lunch at my favorite Surinamese spot and people watching. With only a few hours to kill before Frank heads to the airport back for Detroit, we started out at City Records which has a great selection especially in the jazz department but also funk, soul, psych, prog and Brazilian.  From there is was a quick stop to De Tokoman for the Suranimese chicken, vegetables and rice which always hits the spot when you know that you’ll be out all day. After lunch it was a short walk through the Red Light District to check Red Light Records to check the always on point selection before Frank needed to head to Schipol Airport.

Digging doesn’t stop with records for me so a few stops to the vintage toy store, A Space Odyssey and the vintage video game shop, Game Over? to find a rare handheld and Japanese games that I’ve been on the hunt for.  All and all, a great day with no stress what so ever and I got to kick it with the homie Frank which is what makes trips like this perfect.  Off to Köln Germany tomorrow morning to kick of the Butta 45’s tour beginning in Stuttgart.