Hot Stuff Magazine Issue 6

There’s something special about being featured in or writing for magazines that are fighting the good fight in the ever shrinking world but still surviving world of print media. Although the print world isn’t what it was 20 years ago, there are still countless numbers of magazines old and new across the globe continuing on with creating great physical works that will be valued years down the line when technology eventually fails and hard drives crash.  One of the magazines that I’m always honored to work with is Disco Patrick’s “Hot Stuff” focusing on record collectors in the jazz, hip hop, disco funk and soul realms but also expanding further into soundscapes, art and culture.

The latest issue of the magazine recently went to print and will be available shortly to smell the ink and hold in your hands but in the meantime, the digital copy is up and available to read online.  The latest issue features tons of new features including an article I wrote on “World Diggin” and listing 5 must visit shops across the globe, an interview with the legendary DJ Red Alert conducted by Dr. J, early Italian disco and choice tracks chosen by GE-OLOGY and Mark Grusane. Plus a look back interview with Mandrill and vintage flyers section.

Be sure to check it out then grab a physical copy so that the Disco Patrick can continue to put out some of the best reading around.