Skeme Richards x Neighborhood Ramen x Record Breakin’ (Mix CD)

Japan has always been one of my most favorite places to travel to for many reasons but food has always been on the top of the list and especially ramen! Just like the variations of broths used in the bowls, records of all types fill my crates and the two things that bring people together more than anything else is music and food.

In collaboration with the newly opened restaurant Neighborhood Ramen here in Philly, I recently created a Mix CD filled with some of my favorite Japanese records records that will make the perfect pairing with your favorite ramen dishes and provide a great soundtrack in your home while giving you a taste of Japan.

This mix is limited to 100 copies and comes with two ordering options. A standard CD edition and a special bundle pack that will be shipped with Nostalgia King signature chopsticks and 1 pack of our favorite ramen (Miso, Shio, Tonkotsu, Original) ready for you to take in the full experience of Japanese cuisine and music.

Available here in the Nostalgia King online shop or at

Photo (c) Neighborhood Ramen

Design / layout (c) Bret Syfert