Rasputin’s Stash – Make Up Your Mind

There’s something intriguing about the discovery and unearthing of previously unknown gems that have been tucked away for years and being presented to the public for the first time as if it was recently created.  Over the last few years, labels have been stumbling upon such discoveries and the latest from a previously unreleased Rasputin’s Stash session via the Family Groove label is one that will surely be an interest to many.

From the forthcoming Stash album due out in April. ‘Make Up Your Mind’ is a contagious rhythm with Jimi Hendrix-style fuzzed out guitar riffs echoing sweet soul vocals and a brass section tight enough to please any Tower of Power fan. The b-side features “You Are My Everything”, a slow-jam Soul-Steppers classic. Cut directly to vinyl from the recently found master tapes, this music presents material from the band at their artistic peak and the last recordings before Rasputin’s Stash members went on to record Crystal Winds First Flight and Attitude, Belief & Determination.