The Bombillas – Nac Nac b/w Senebi

Ahhh… the sounds of Summer out on the deck enjoying the beautiful weather with instrumental selections in heavy rotation is how we started this extended weekend with the first needle drop of the day courtesy of The Bombillas who always deliver the good listening. This go around we have a serious double-sider taking inspiration from Middle Eastern and African funk while refining their own artistic style.

Side A features the psychedelic groove-filled cut “Nac Nac” which reminisces something out of the early 70’s with phasers, delays, vintage synths, and a driving repetitive bass guitar. The flip side features “Senebi” and dives into a more hypnotic state with a range of dynamic colors centered around a forward moving rhythm and contrasting melodic sections. Think cinematic soul with a cosmic Arabic twist.

F-Spot Records is the perfect label for this type of sound and they continue to work magic on these releases making them must haves in the collection and future digs of tomorrow so don’t sleep on the goods!