DJ Ragz & Unown – Burgers & Sliders (Cassette)

If you know me either personally or via social media, then you will indeed know that I am a burger connoisseur who has traveled the globe sampling the finest beef from the most notable regions known for producing great product. From Philly to L.A., Germany to Tokyo and points in between, I am without a doubt, the self proclaimed and widely recognized, burger King so when the West Coast homies DJ Ragz & Unown came through with a new themed mix dedicate to one of my favorite meals, you knew I had to pop the tape in and take it for a spin. “Burgers & Sliders” is the outcome and is a West Coast g-funk instrumental journey through the Cali burger culture. The concept project finds the duo back in their respective kitchens, with Unown handling the beat duties on the MPC and DJ Ragz cutting up on the turntables.

Need that head nod, in the pocket groovin’ shit with tight cuts and burger soundbites, then Burgers & Sliders is the joint! Pull up through the drive through and taste the flavor.