Ronin Arkestra – First Meeting

“The Sunflower is like no other. A flower of ultimate dedication, it basks in the glory of sunbeams all day, it’s head constantly and carefully tracing the source of light and warmth’s every move. A superb ally to nature anywhere it is found, it has unique nutritional value, oils and seeds available to all who cultivate it. It’s the reason they are found across the globe.”

“It is this sense of dedication and care of surroundings that contribute to great music – a good sense of balance, a care for your craft and ultimately a committal to a common cause, regardless of origin. A range of disciplines that are fully enshrined in Japanese customs.” – This the ethos behind Ronin Arkestra.

Mind blown and ear drums completely satisfied is the first thing that we can say about the new “First Meeting” EP from Ronin Arkestra which is made up by some of our favorite musicians in the business. Coming in at a strong 4 tracks recorded at the Red Bull Studios, the soundscape is amazing and lush and tickles the senses like a drifting feather. First Meeting is a sound that we can definitely hear coming by way of Japan and deserves heavy rotation.

Formed in Tokyo in 2017, Ronin Arkestra brings together some of the finest and most creative players in Japan’s Jazz and and electronic scene. The collective includes members of Kyoto Jazz Sextet, WONK, Cro-Magnon, Root Soul, Sleepwalker, Sauce81, Kyoto Jazz Massive and, of course, band leader Mark de Clive Lowe.

*Featuring artwork by Jonny Drop – the front cover image is created from a “lino print” hand carved by Jonny, representing sunflower seeds and the Kanji for “Ronin Arkestra”