Top 10 DJ Charts May – Skeme Richards

With all the recent travels, it’s been a minute since I’ve had the opportunity to drop my DJ charts list of music that’s made it’s way into my club sets, radio or at home rotations. So with a break in my schedule on this mid-week morning, I figured now would be the perfect time to drop a few gems that I’ve been enjoying lately.

1. Kind & Kinky Zoo – Sakura Chan (Funk Night)

2. Bossa Eléctrica – Sunshine (Ximeno Record Club)

3. Beat Bronco Organ Trio – Easy Baby (Rocafort Records)

4. Will Sessions ft. Rickey Calloway – That’s On You (Funk Night)

5. Project Gemini – Forest Creeper (Delights)

6. Judy Pollak – Fascinating (Al-Tone Edits)

7. Choosey & Exile – Black Beans (Fat Beats)

8. Placebo – Live 1971 (We Release Jazz)

9. Juju – Live At 131 Prince Street (P-Vine Records)

10. Sounds of Liberation – Unreleased (Columbia University 1973) (Dogtown Records)