LA Housin’ Authority EP

The name Aaron Paar should be a familiar one weather it being in the know around the LA DJ and club scene, as a production member of the Teflon Dons, label executive at Ximeno Records or simply by reading hear at Nostalgia King. Regardless of your connection to knowing the name, you should already be in the know of his latest project under the alias, LA Housin’ Authority which is his first solo outing since 1995’s “Planet Eater” EP and marks the launch for his new label imprint, Worldship Music.

Inspired by Burrell brothers’ legendary N.Y. Housin’ Authority collaboration, each track represents a homage to a housing project in the greater Los Angeles are. As rugged, moody, no-nonsense deep house music from one of the genre’s unsung veterans, the “LA Housin’ Authority” EP is what the world has been waiting for from a man who obviously knows the genre and does it well.

As with many project buildings, the elevator always seems to be broken but we highly recommend you getting in on the ground floor of what’s to come from Aaron Paar and taking the stairs to the rooftop where he’s most likely playing one of the most amazing sets at one of the best parties ever thrown.