Bobby Oroza – Lonely Girl

Making his original debut on Helsinki’s Timmion Records with his smash hit “This Love”, Bobby Oroza has become a go to artist on the soul scene with his unique sound and amazing production crafted by another name that should need no introduction, Cold Diamond and Mink. Since then, Oroza has begun making waves here in the states while linking with Brookyn’s Big Crown Records to release his debut full length and his latest single, “Lonely Girl” b/w “Alone Again”.

The A side “Lonely Girl” is a uptempo dancer sure to fill the floor at soul parties around the world. Bobby finds a kindred spirit in an introverted young lady and puts his best foot forward to persuade her to take a chance on him. The Cold Diamond & Mink production puts this one over the top with their signature tough drums and lush instrumentation laying down the perfect paper for Bobby’s poetry to be inked on.

The B side is another one of the crushing ballads that made Bobby famous in the first place. An early favorite at Big Crown when they turned in the demos, “Alone Again” fits perfectly in both the warmest sunny day in California and the coldest darkest winter night in Helsinki. It is undeniable that Bobby and Cold Diamond & Mink are a match made in heaven and have come up with a sound that is entirely their own. Here’s another two-sider showcasing two different variations on that sound.