RENDEZVOUS! – Suoni Della Paura IV (Vol. 3)

Closing out this #TapeTuesday with a last minute announcement and word that the new and final installment of the RENDEZVOUS! Suoni Della Paura IV series is finally ready for you to press play. The 3rd volume continues with delivering a plethora of library music, obscure European soundtrack cuts from the late ’60s to the early ’80s, left-field funk, and pancultural psychedelia which first began at their monthly night at Hyperion Tavern in LA. Each month Resident DJ’s Alfonso Carrillo, AM, Chris Tillotson, Ethan Hull, and Marsellus Wallace deliver a shocking soundtrack via their impressive vinyl collections while rare and cult films play on the big screen for the room full of collectors, weirdos, the open-minded, and the connoisseurs alike.

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