Butta 45’s Erfurt Germany (Recap)

This past Thursday night we kicked off the 9th annual Butta 45’s Germany tour in great fashion with amazing weather and packed houses each of the first three nights. After the 4 1/2 hour drive from Köln Germany to Erfurt, Scarce One, Selecta M and myself did a quick sound and visual check at one of our favorite stops on the tour, Retronom before heading out to get a quick dinner at a newly opened Turkish restaurant before dropping the needle on the first record. The party people who filled into Retronom did not disappoint and came in full on ready to dance and get loose with us on a Thursday night and did so from opening to closing. I always love playing spots like this that have a sort of basement underground illegal feel to them. It always just makes for a much more raw experience which compliments the style of music that we’re playing throughout the tour.

It’s nights that start out like this which always seems to set the tone for the rest of the tour which continued on into the next two nights in Weimar and Berlin (more on that soon).  Thank you Retronom and the party people of Erfurt for another great night!