Gravedigger – DC Comics Black War Hero

Saturday mornings as a kid and before buying records became a thing, it was comic shopping. Weather at the local shop or the corner drug store, the spare changen in your pocket got you an afternoon of fun. Superheroes were the main reads but I had a curious eye for other genres and titles that filled the racks as well which included war titles.

DC Comics “Men of War” (1977) was a special title in every way. War comics were big during the 60s, 70s and until the early 80s but Men of War was different it featured a solo lead Black character which was very rare. Ulysses Hazard aka Gravedigger was a badass that could kick major ass and always fought his way out of situations. The series lasted 26 issues and ran from 1977-1980.

Art duties were handled by one of my favorite artists as a kid, Joe Kubert who did all but the first issue in the series.