Let It Soul – Shawn Lee & The Soul Surfers Documentary

I always love when great minds meet to create something amazing, especially when those great minds are actually people that you know and have been friends with for years. Recently, two of my favorite musical entities linked to to record and make magic while filming their first time meeting and recording something amazing in the process. As a composer, Sean Lee is without a doubt one of the great masters of today with The Soul Surfers being the premier band coming out of Russia with the heavy funk aesthetics that will give you the chills.

They’ve recently debuted the “Let It Soul” documentary which captured that very monumental moment during the Russia trip where they at their underground recording studio filled with vintage audio gear. The documentary takes you inside the studio with a firsthand look into the recording process which is a very perfect reflection of the sound that most of us get when we drop the needle down on any of their releases. Peep the full documentary below and immerse yourself into that deep funk sound!