Monday Movie Matinee – That Man Bolt

Revisiting a Fred “The Hammer” Williams classic, semi Blaxploitation film to kick the week over on this Monday afternoon with “The Man Bolt”. The 1973 film stars Fred Williamson in the title role of a courier and Byron Webster. The film combined several genres: blaxploitation, the martial arts film, and James Bond superspy films (with some postures featuring the tagline “He’s Bonded”). It was filmed in Hong Kong, Macau and the United States and featured several martial arts experts in action: Mike Stone, World Professional Light Heavyweight Karate Champion, Kenji Kazama Japan Kick-boxing Champion, Emil Farkas, European Black Belt Karate Champion, and David Chow, Former California State Judo Champion. It was titled Operation Hong Kong outside the United States. Peter Crowcroft wrote the novelization of the screenplay.

Time to wind the old projector up and grab a bowl of pop corn and a pop.