Afro Explosion!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and are maintaining during these crazy times. I want to send out many thanks to everyone who has subscribed and downloaded my new streaming app and have been enjoying all of the exclusive mixes and content that I’ve been putting up. For those of you who have subscribed, I greatly appreciate it especially as an artists who is used to traveling to play music for a living which has become impossible to do in the present time. Please tell a friend to tell a friend about subscribing and enjoying the great content that you’re already doing.

With that being said, we’re starting the new week and I’ve uploaded a new mix for your musical enjoyment. With spring time right around the corner and the weather starting to get nice, I knew that it was time to put together something upbeat and perfectly fitting for the change with an Afro-beat set focusing on newly recorded 45’s with a few classics thrown in. For the occasion, I went across the globe to pull records originating from here in the states to Estonia, across to Japan through Nigeria and back home again.

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