Tape Tuesday – Anime Funk Mixed By DJ 5-D & Kenny Lucas

From the title alone, you already know that this project is right up my alley. As a lover and collector of both classic Japanese anime and the soundtracks that accompany them, they’ve always captivated my mind in a different way than traditional American cartoons. Having heard a few mixes over the years, mainly coming from abroad, it’s great to finally hear something that’s been mixed and put together from this side of the pond especially from names that I know. The new cassette, “Anime Funk” captures a plethora of selections featured on soundtracks from 1983-1987, perfectly mixed by the duo of DJ 5-D and Kenny Lucas.  What you’ll get here is a strong tracklist of tunes that most likely you won’t be familiar with but that’s ok. The purpose of the DJ is to educate the listener while digging deep and delivering something special and most importantly, a unique listening experience which is exactly what they’ve done. Opting to stray away from the familiar Funk tunes that have made their rounds at most parties near and far, they take things even further to the land of the rising sun.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the genre as every good music lover should, then dig up on Anime Funk. – Recommended!