Aver – Breakfast In Dystopia

I feel like it was not so long ago that we got hipped to producer Aver through his Die Berlin Dateien album release with the follow up, Dressed For CCTV soon after dropping on Village Live Records and we instantly became a fan of his work. Fast forward the present and Aver is still kicking them out like an unpaid tenant and and his upcoming 7″ EP is exactly what we would expect.

Breakfast In Dystopia is the Berlin producers 3rd outing on the label that’s drum heavy (just as we like it) business on the instrumental Hip Hop side of things to make the speakers knock. I know we’ve said this before but when it comes to showcasing Hip Hop producers, no one does it like Village Live Records and Aver’s Breakfast In Dystopia is the perfect addition of crate essentials for those yearning for banging beats and instrumental treats!

Available for pre-order via https://www.villageliverecords.com