Skeme Richards Featured In WDW3 Magazine

Although 2020 has been somewhat of a shit year, it really hasn’t stopped my flow or creativity, it just meant that I needed to adapt to the situation. I launched my streaming app which has been amazing, I’ve been featured on several FM radio shows with the next being in Tokyo this Sunday, I’ve written for a couple of physical print magazines, released a 45 with my second one dropping in September with RBMBoots. 4 completed cassette tapes lined up and ready to release between now and the end of the year and most recently, I’ve been featured in the first issue of @holymountainprinting magazine, We Do What We Want. In this issue I had the pleasure of joining in on a conversation about the rare discussions legend of ROM The Space Night. The obscure late 1970s toy and comic.

This first issues is filled with art, music, skateboarding, culture and more and is more like a book than a magazine. It’s 112 pages with title on spine so that definitely makes it a book, and beautifully laid out. Check out Holy Mountain Printing to grab a copy if this is your cup of tea. Great to see people still pushing forward and creating during these crazy times