FutuRETROistic Mag / Zine

I’m always pro DIY when when it comes to putting out creative projects to the people and especially when you have the means and the brains to do so. The West Coast homie Cramske recently started working on his FutuRETROistic Zine which is a carefully curated collection of cool shit that captures all of the things that we love here at Nostalgia King. The foundation of the magazine includes graff flicks (which he has an incredible archive of) from the 90’s to Early 2000’s from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, Philly to New York and points in between, custom toys, video games, collectibles and more.

To make things even sweeter, I curated a mix for the release which is also available for download when you purchase the Zine. The mix is an assortment of tunes that perfectly compliment exactly what you’ll checking out on the pages.

The Zine is available in both print and digital with a few bundle packages which include t-shirts, hoodies, sticker packs and more. Head over to https://futuretroistic.com to pre-order to Zine and support DIY aesthetics. And during the pre-order if you use “Postal Five” at checkout, you’ll get $5 off!