Dusty Donuts 019 – Believe In Family

With so much lockdown time on our hands, it seem that the days are flying by rather quickly and that’s actually a good thing when  we’re waiting on new releases to drop from some of our favorite labels. Seeming like only a few short months have passed since our last Dusty Donuts sure shot landed in our bins, the label already has us secured with another slice that has us itching for Summer time temperatures, backyard BBQ’s and loud music.

Enlisting a new member to the circle, DD Crew welcomes DJ Goce into the fold who instantly brought some serious heat for his debut and it lives up to all that Dusty Donuts has come to stand for. The A side features “Believe In Family” is pure BBQ vibes in the big city with plenty of friends and fam around the grill with the speakers on blast. The B side “Who’s Phenomenal” pays homage to a break beat classic and brings it current with the a sharply done edit that makes something “old” very much new again with a perfectly orchestrated twist.

Peep the goods over at http://keepitdusty.com/2020/12/01/dusty-donuts-019-feat-dj-goce/